Services Offered

Hotz Family Chiropractic, P.C. is a welcoming family clinic that provides professional, informed care in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Preliminary Consultation and Examination

We offer an in-depth consultation and comprehensive examination to deterrmine the root cause of your health concerns, possibly for the first time in your life.  Or, we will do a wellness evaluation to discover how you can achieve a higher level of optimum health.

On-Premise X-Ray Facility

Our in-house, state-of-the-art x-ray machine and film developing systems allows you to safely and efficiently receive high quality x-rays, without having to travel or reschedule another appointment elsewhere.   We use the x-ray pictures to determine whether you have incorrect spinal alignment [this is called a 'subluxation'], to check out the structural curves in your spine, and to evaluate if there is any spinal degeneration that will negatively affect your health.

sEMG Exam (Surface Electromyography)

To inform you and give you a visual, colored picture of your spinal health, we have our sEMG Computerized Spinal Examination.  This is used to evaluate the muscle's response to what is happening in your nervous system.  The results will show if there is any structural stress in your spine.  This is a painless, non-invasive, comfortable, and quick scan that prints out a colorful representation of your spinal health for you to take home with you.  (see first visit).

We Relate to You

Dr. Tim will relate his findings in a conversational consultation with you once we've determined the basis of your health concerns.  We will do all we can to dispell any fears you have.  Common concerns are, "What's the problem with my back?" or, "Can you help me?" or, "How long will the healing process take?" or, "What's the most cost-effective method to regain my health?"  All of these questions and fears are valid.  It is important to us that you feel 100% comfortable to ask any question that you may have, and we will do our very best to provide you with all the information you would like.

Spinal Adjustments

Dr. Tim provides highly skilled spinal adjustments that help patients to recover optimum natural health and posture.

A spinal adjustment naturally restores proper spinal movement and position.  This removes any nerve interference that is being caused by a kink or misalignment in your spine [what is called a 'subluxation'].  The nervous system runs throughout your entire body, and carries all messages from the brain.  Optimal health is achieved and maintained when the nerves leading out of the spinal cord are unblocked and uninhibited so that the messages get through.  Spinal adjustments remove nerve interferences, which improves communication from the brain to every cell, gland, organ, tissue, muscle and system in your body.  By correcting your spine, you regain optimal health.

Dr. Tim will also prescribe for you specific spinal rehabilitative postural exercises to do at home, so that your spine is retrained and is accustomed to staying in correct alignment.  You can help to train your spine to maintain its' best position possible--by doing your 'homework'!

Also, we provide helpful information on proper nutrition and dietary supplements that will dramatically boost your energy and take your mood up through the roof! 

Home traction will be discussed, which you can do for just a few minutes a day at home to restore any abnormal spinal curvatures.

And finally, we will share home care guidines for enhancing your overall performance, such as when to use hot or cold packs.

Half-Hour to Health Seminars

Dr. Tim creates fun and interactive half-hour seminars on Tuesday evenings on a variety of wellness and health topics.  He will share ideas with you on how to improve faster, stay healthier, increase the health of your loved ones, and will provide you with new information so that you can make the best health care choices for now and for the future.

Fast and Friendly Service!

Our entire Hotz Family Chiropractic team is devoted to helping you to feel great and achieve maximum optimal health.  We promise to provide you with a minimal-wait appointment time and a safe, positive environment that encourages questioning and discovery.  We are down-to-earth people who are committed to you, in every way.